General Information


In an effort to make every minute of class time valuable, we do not allow visitors in any of our classes.  We are better able to encourage your child’s full concentration in this way.  The only exceptions to this rule are the special visitor days, of which you will be advised in advance.


All classes are taught on a graded system with each child progressing at her/his own speed and ability.  Children are not always promoted by class, but are placed individually each year.  If needed, adjustments will be made during the year.


No refunds or deductions are given for missed classes.  Any classes that are missed may be made up in another class.  Good attendance is essential if your child is to make progress.  When two or three classes are missed consecutively, a child can become discouraged.  Please try not to miss class unless it is absolutely necessary.

Students should not be brought to the Studio more than 10 minutes before their scheduled classes and should be picked up immediately following class dismissal.

Dance Attire

Proper dance attire with, ballet, jazz/hip hop, acrobatics and tap shoes (any color or style) are to be worn by all students.  Both ballet and tap shoes are to be secured by elastic.  Name should be written in all shoes. All students must have their hair neatly and securely tied back from their face.  No one will be allowed to participate in class unless properly attired.  This rule will be strictly enforced and is a good discipline builder for the children.


Because it is important that all teachers be able to devote all of their studio time to teaching (in order for your child to get the full benefit of the lessons) we are asking that class time not be interrupted.  If you have a question or need to discuss a problem with one of the teachers, you are asked to leave a message with the office and your call will be returned as soon as possible.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Email List: We are in constant contact with our dance families through our email list. It is very important that your email address is on our list, so no one misses out on important updates and information.