Courses Offered


Consists of Ballet, Tap, Tumbling and a Stage Arts Combination Course. This class provides a firm foundation for any type dancing a child may wish to pursue and will include fundamental coordination and timing builders, games and songs.

We feel that our pre-school program is comparable to any in the country. The variety of subject matter offered maintains a high level of interest and stimulates steady progress. From this program we are able to determine the best future course of instruction for successful dance education and training. Attire: ballet and tap shoes, appropriate dance fashion and dance bag.

Ages 3 and 4

Stage Arts Course

All students 5-7 years of age are advised to take our Stage Arts Course consisting of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Acrobatics to introduce them to all phases of dance and give them a basis on which to choose their major area of future concentration. Attire: ballet and tap shoes, appropriate dance fashion and dance bag.


The basis for all dancing and contributes directly to the development of grace, poise and balance. Both classical and popular music are used to insure a well-rounded and enjoyable ballet class. Attire: ballet shoes and appropriate dance fashion.


All ballet dancers with the technique, strength, discipline and work ethic will be promoted to Pointe at the time that is right for them individually.


A fun class that teaches the student rhythm, timing and balance using the most modern and inspiring music.  Attire: tap shoes and appropriate dance fashion.


The most popular type of dancing offered today. Basic jazz technique is used including body-conditioning exercises. The students are also taught many routines that fit today’s music. Attire: jazz or hip hop shoes and appropriate dance fashion.

Hip Hop

A style of fun, energetic dance form originally inspired from urban street dance. Hip Hop is the most widely used commercial dance style. Attire: Hip Hop shoes, Hip Hop clothing (ex. sweat pants, baggier pants, flannel shirts, harem pants, crop tops, bigger shirt with pants, leggings, etc.)


Teaches coordination and flexibility. Enhances any routine. Attire: slip on jazz shoes and appropriate dance fashion.